• What A Day To Start A Health Radio Show

    Posted April 24, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    What a day to launch a health radio show!  I’m positioning the show to be skeptical (not cynical) of modern medicine’s many self-acclaimed successes and I don’t need to make up any sensationalist headlines to make my point. Lo and behold, a number of damning reports are published on the very same day the Bill Sardi Health & Wealth Show is launched on KLAV 1230 AM (Las Vegas)!

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  • Mindless Medicine: When Will Doctors Ever Curb The Needless Care?

    Posted April 17, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    Your doctor shows he/she cares for you by conducting preventive exams.  Few patients would argue with that measure of a doctor.  But what if the preventive measure is needless?  What if the “care” is a test that leads to treatment that harms?

    The problem in today’s world where insurance pays and the patient doesn’t is that no one, doctor or patient, cares.  A billing code exists for tests such as PSA for prostate cancer among males and pap smears to detect early cervical cancer in females.  But various health groups now say both tests are of near-worthless value.  But the billing code still persists and reimbursement submissions continue.  Who will ever put a stop to this?

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  • Do You Need A Blood Test To Prove A True Nutrient Deficiency Before Taking Dietary Supplements? NO!

    Posted March 17, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    It is predictable that some know-it-all physician would warn the public away from my health articles, and suggest people should not take dietary supplements without a blood test-confirmed nutrient deficiency.  Why must I educate physicians?  Everyone knows they are dumbbells when it comes to dietary supplements.

    This MD demands I provide him with references that would require hours of work.  I’ll send him a copy of my book THE NEW TRUTH ABOUT VITAMINS & MINERALS.

    But let’s briefly take a look at some science to answer an important question.  Do we really need a blood test before we supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals?

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  • Don’t Worry About Obamacare – Like Other Nationalized Healthcare Programs, It Will Implode.

    Posted February 20, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    Don’t worry about Obamacare, it is going to implode.  Be concerned about the money grab it makes while pretending to expand health care to the uninsured.  Even in its own plan Obamacare does not come close to saving Medicare from insolvency in its first year.  There is no way it can provide health care for 50 million more Americans and put any meaningful dent in rising health insurance costs.

    Obamacare is a fascist takeover of the healthcare industry, working under the guise of improved efficiency (computerized medical records), in order to snoop in medical records and find what drugs doctors are prescribing and then selling that information (aka accepting political donations) to provide that information to pharmaceutical companies.

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  • Mammography Madness

    Posted November 25, 2012: by Bill Sardi

    A report published at the New York Times Online Magazine op-ed pages is startling because it says more than its words. It says American medicine hid from view the ineffectiveness of mammography and still does today, with impunity.

    There is no medical board to de-license doctors who remove women’s breasts without just cause. Physicians prey upon women’s fears and disfigure them. Worse, there is only public outcry that any less mammography would represent rationing of care. So over 1 million American women undergo needless screening (mammograms) and subsequent invasive care.

    When healthcare costs are a front-page issue, 1 million over-diagnosed and over-treated American women @$20,000-50,000 per head would = $20-$50 billion of needless care.  Mammography costs $5 billion alone.  That is no small stack of money.

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  • Healthcare Reform: The Big Fix, Or Show Me The Money

    Posted July 10, 2012: by Bill Sardi

    In order to gain a better understanding of healthcare reforms now underway in the U.S., I decided to read the writings of Ezekiel Emanuel MD, an oncologist and former White House advisor and brother of former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.  What Dr. Emanuel advocates is reform that will likely take a decade to accomplish.  By then, who knows if America’s healthcare system is still intact, at least financially?

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  • Why Gastric Bypass Surgery Cures Diabetes

    Posted June 25, 2012: by Bill Sardi

    Strikingly, a report published in The New England Journal of Medicine indicates a significant number of obese patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery are free of diabetes a year following their operation.

    Another recent study reveals gastric bypass surgery surprisingly prolongs remission from diabetes. Better than 4 of 10 patients undergoing gastric bypass had no need for anti-diabetic medication and exhibited improved blood sugar control numbers (hemoglobin A1c under 5.7% and fasting blood sugar under 100 milligrams per deciliter of blood) over a year after surgery.

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  • Congressmen Intervene To Halt Wellness Ambassadors Who Recommend Dietary Supplements Instead Of Drugs At Rite-Aid Stores

    Posted March 12, 2012: by Knowledge of Health

    About 300 of Rite-Aid’s 4700 drug stores are starting to direct customers to what they want – wellness without dependence upon problematic and over-priced prescription drugs. But that practice has obviously upset Big Pharma. These white-coated ambassadors are allegedly pretending they are pharmacists and directing patients to diet supplements – heaven’s to Betsy!

    At least that is what two US Senators allege in their letter to Rite-Aid, which has GNC nutrition centers inside many of its stores. A letter from the senators to Rite-Aid says they are concerned these ambassadors “could be making false and misleading claims by marketing dietary supplements as treatments for health conditions.”

    Wait a minute — I thought the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) gave the right to market dietary supplements as long as they strictly support health, not as cures, treatments or prevention for any disease. Drugs do not promote wellness, and few are an appropriate cure for anything.

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    Posted February 25, 2012: by Bill Sardi

    Comment: The H5N1 bird flu strain does/doesn’t kill over half of those people who are infected. That is the mixed message science is sending the public today (see report below). The H5N1 strain would wipe out more than half the human population of the world if it were as deadly as some proclaim, far more deadly than the 1918 Spanish flu that killed an estimated 50 million people. But a Mt. Sinai School of Medicine (NY) researcher says the death rate is more like 1%. So you don’t run out in a hurry and get vaccinated at any of the easy drug-store locations that are pandering flu-shots these days, as flu viruses are fast mutating and likely to have mutated into a less virile form by the time you get your shot.

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  • The Dietary Supplement Label The FDA Doesn’t Want You To See

    Posted November 23, 2011: by Bill Sardi

    How The FDA Drives Up Drug Costs And Increases The Cost Of Health Care By Misclassifying Dietary Supplements As Unproven Remedies

    The US Food & Drug Administration is playing a deadly game with the American people, a game that protects over-priced, oftentimes ineffective or inappropriate, and sometimes toxic or lethal drugs, while muzzling any evidence that there are cheaper, safer and more effective and appropriate non-prescription remedies.

    The FDA does not consider its mission to inform the American public of less problematic alternatives, even safer drugs within the same class, nor does it inform the public of natural remedies which have the same biological action as Rx drugs. In fact, any natural remedy that does in fact prevent, treat or cure a disease is declared a drug.

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