Posted March 5, 2020: by Bill Sardi

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    Every day you are exposed to viruses, bacteria and fungi.  These pathogenic (disease-causing) germs are thwarted externally by barriers (skin, tear film, mucous, stomach acid) and internally by white blood cells, including T-cells that are generated in your thymus gland that produce lasting antibodies to provide life-long immunity.

    People are most at risk to develop any infection, including coronavirus, if their immune system is not up to par.

    The CORONAVIRUS was in circulation long before health agencies were testing for it.  Most healthy people were likely developing antibodies against coronavirus and not experiencing any symptoms.

    Consider the 400 quarantined vacationers on an ocean liner and 397 were infected, didn’t feel sick, and obviously developed antibodies without the need for a vaccine.  Vaccination may or may not have prevented the other 3 people onboard from succumbing to coronavirus induced pneumonia, and the vaccine IS THE DISEASE and could cause side effects.

    In fact, if a vaccine were available, it would be difficult to distinguish whether coronavirus was vaccine induced or acquired from coronavirus via surface contact or personal contact by droplets from already infected individuals.

    Do not be alarmed when news reports indicate the infection is spreading.
    This allows people to produce antibodies, just like vaccines do.

    Many other cold and flu viruses are also in circulation this season and along with the current coronavirus, presents a combined health risk.  Many of these cold and flu symptoms are likely to be confused with coronavirus.  The Centers for Disease Control has been known to mix cases of the common cold with laboratory-confirmed reports of the flu to scare the public into vaccination.  So, the public should be wary of reports citing coronavirus infections and deaths that may not be coronavirus at all.

    The CORONAVIRUS appears to be a passenger virus – – cause and effect has not been demonstrated.  It is more likely a mycobacterium is involved.  Mycobacteria cause tuberculosis, a lung disease.  The coronavirus responds to antibiotics (you can’t kill a virus, it is a glob of genetic material, you have to kill the cell it infects, or halt its replication within cells).  Anti-viral drugs are ineffective.  So, it is not likely a virus that kills, though a virus may be onboard at the same time as the mycobacterium.

    ANYONE who is a smoker, drinker, diabetic, taking an immune suppressant drug (street drugs, Rx drugs) or who is of advanced age, is vulnerable and may be at increased risk for pneumonia (lungs filling with fluid), hospitalization and succumbing to the infection altogether.

    Be wary ….. attempts to treat infectious illness at home may be problematic because people who are ill may reach for remedies like aspirin and acetaminophen (Tylenol) that deplete vitamin C.

    While the world begs for a vaccine (the purpose of all this appears to be a drill to drum up fears in order to sell vaccines on a worldwide basis), one coronavirus vaccine tested on animals killed every animal the laboratory!  (It was due to the aluminum adjuvant in the vaccine).

    What is obvious escapes notice – – the world doesn’t need a vaccine, it needs to target high-risk groups (young, elderly, diabetics, smokers, drinkers, etc.) and boost their immunity with vitamins, minerals, namely vitamins C and D and zinc.  Vaccines don’t work well if zinc levels are low.  The very reason why senior adults are vulnerable to any viral or bacterial infection is they commonly exhibit low levels of stomach acid and thus cannot absorb nutrients very well.

    All seasonal infectious diseases occur in winter, when sunshine vitamin D levels drop.  Vitamin D is the governor.  There are no coronavirus cases reported in equatorial countries where sunshine is continual.  When the earth tilts back on its axis towards the sun in spring and summer in northern climates, the epidemic will predictably subside, for a while.   Coronavirus could “disappear,” as summer approaches.  But it could also return at the end of summer.

    But the masses will demand a vaccine — and ANYONE WHO REFUSES TO GET VACCINATED – – their neighbors may think to burn their house down (modern burning at the stake).

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